Pre-Built Demos Collection

Appilo comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts.

App Landing 01 (Main demo)
App Landing Modern
App Landing 03
App Landing 07
Portfolio/Resume 2
Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing/Agency
IT Solution 2
IT Solution
Digital Agency
Startup Agency
SaaS Classic
SaaS Modern
App Landing 04
Pos Software
Seo Software
Home Live Chat
CRM Software
Web Application
Email Marketing
Cyber Security
App Landing 06
App Landing 05
Software Management
Social Media Marketing
HR Management
CR Management
SEO/Digital Marketing
Agency Landing 01
Portfolio/Resume 01
Product Landing 01
Cloud Hosting 1
Cloud Hosting 2
Cloud Hosting 3
Dark Version Demo
App Showcase Dark
Dark Version Demo
Saas Classic Dark
Dark Version Demo
Digital Agency Dark
Dark Version Demo
Startup Agency Dark
RTL Version Demo
Appilo Main RTL
RTL Version Demo
App Showcase RTL
RTL Version Demo
Digital Agency RTL
RTL Version Demo
SaaS Classic RTL
Fetaured services

Why you will choose

Rewarding Every Creator

PlayTeep celebrates the creative spirit in everyone, considering each user a valued creator. With a belief that everyone has something unique to share, the platform not only recognizes but also rewards creators for their contributions.

$PTP Tips To Every Creator

PlayTeep introduces a unique and rewarding experience for creators with $PTP tips. Now, users can directly appreciate and support their favorite creators, making every post a valuable and celebrated contribution.

Exclusive Rewards To Every Creator

Whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out, earning on PlayTeep is a breeze. Engage with the community, post captivating content, and watch your rewards grow. Your creativity deserves recognition & rewards.

Fun facts

We have some awesome funfacts for PlayTeep.

Gear up for intense gaming competitions! With PlayTeep tokens, you can challenge fellow gamers, showcasing your skills and battling it out for ultimate bragging rights. Step into the arena, earn your victories, and become a champion in the PlayTeep gaming community!


Exclusive Rewards


Creativity Discovery


Content Discovery


Rewarding Creativity

How does PlayTeep works?

Introducing PlayTeep


Sign Up

To complete the sign-up process, you'll need to provide your user information, such as your full name, email address, and a secure password.


Exploring PlayTeep

Explore the numerous features and functionalities offered by PlayTeep. Participate in community interactions, join discussions, or partake in activities that offer rewards and incentives.


Earn PlayTeep Tokens

PlayTeep offers an exciting opportunity to earn PlayTeep tokens by actively participating on the platform. Posting on PlayTeep becomes a rewarding endeavor as you engage in community interactions, share your thoughts, and contribute to discussions.

App Download

PlayTeep is coming to your smart phone.

The PlayTeep app is coming soon, bringing a world of creativity, entertainment, and rewards right to your fingertips. Get ready to unleash your potential and embark on an extraordinary journey like never before.

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Frequently asked Question

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PlayTeep is your gateway to a new world of social connectivity. It's a platform where you can share your thoughts, experiences, and creativity through posts while also reaping the rewards.
Make it a daily habit to share your content on PlayTeep. You have the opportunity to earn up to 2 PTP tokens each day, so consistent posting can maximize your rewards.
Earn PlayTeep tokens through PlayTeep Points: - Get 5 points for every post. - Earn 2 points for changing your profile avatar (once per month) - Receive 1 point for changing your cover photo (once per month) These points contribute to a unique airdrop system where PlayTeep tokens are distributed based on the total points collected by all participants. Your share of the tokens is determined by your earned points in relation to the overall points collected, divided by the number of users. It's a fair and rewarding way to engage on PlayTeep.
Token Ticker :- $PTP Chain :-BSC Maximum Supply :- 500,000,000 Contract Address :- 0x6fC7f97d9C6F4Cf5eD27bC405d87fb37aBa49173
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